WESAF is seeking a wide range of market stalls. We are looking for Artisan crafted, art and creative, designer, handmade and bespoke products and services.

  • Local businesses, sole traders will have priority
  • Artists, creatives, designers, artisans, craftsmen will have priority
  • No offensive, dangerous or harmful products or substances
  • No illegal products or services
  • High standard of presentation, merchandising are encouraged


WESAF is seeking a select number of food stalls that sell high quality goods, made or grown by the seller themselves. This includes ready to eat products, food trucks, food products and non alcoholic beverages. Important notes for Food Stalls:

  • No access to water is provided.
  • You will only be accepted if you have relevant certification and insurance.
  • No cool room access is supplied. Please organise your own.
  • Trucks and ready-to-eat stalls will be centralised within the market place precinct, and allow gas cooking. Gas or BBQ cooking will not be permitted at stalls that are not located within this area.
  • WESAF is not a licensed event, therefore food trucks and stalls are not permitted to sell alcohol.